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Nile Cruises

Since the dawn of recorded history, the Nile has been a major highway for commerce, festivals and holidays. Ancient Egypt’s history is full of stories and myths about the river. Along its banks stand today magnificent temples thousands of years old, yet still exhibiting their grandeur and ingraining themselves in people’s minds. Cruising on the mighty river in a desert country is entirely different. The Cruise will allow you to explore the ancient wonders of Egypt and visit the temples and tombs located along this stretch of the river. It also allows visitors to see more of Egypt than ever before. Cruising on the river Nile is a once in a lifetime experience. Don’t miss it.

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Azur Hotels

For more than 20 years and with over 3000 guest rooms across Egypt, Azur has been one of the leading pioneers in the all inclusive concept for leisure seekers from across the globe. The company has been recognized internationally for its acclaimed success in creating memorable vacation experiences for its clientele and this is reflected in its corporate slogan “Feel the Difference”. Whichever resort and/or hotel you choose, you will find a truly successful all-inclusive concept that is built on quality of service and unbeatable range of included activities and entertainment day and night, activities that contain every member of the family.

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Excursions & Tours

Wherever you are in Egypt, there’s always something to see. Sightseeing begins in Cairo, where you can visit the Pyramids and Saqqara areas and the Egyptian Museum among others. 300KM north of Cairo lies Alexandria on the Mediterranean Sea where you can visit the famous Library of Alexandria and its Museum, the Catacombs of Kom el-Shouqafa and the Fortress of Qaeit Bey. Hurghada,Marsa Alam and Sharm el-Sheikh facing the Red Sea are among the top destinations for beach and scuba diving lovers. Luxor and Aswan are where the ancient Egyptian civilization all started, with their multitude of temples along the banks of the Nile river.

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