Why Tarot

Why Tarot

We have chosen for our symbol one of the cards of the Tarot because of its reference to ancient Egyptian mythology.

The word Tarot comes from the Latin Taro. A Latin sentence said: “Rota Taro Orat Tora Ator”, which can be translated to: “the wheel of Taro speaks the law of Ator”, the reference is to the pharaonic Goddess Hator who personified nature.

The four animals appearing in the corners of the image (the bull, the lion, the eagle and… the man) symbolize earth, fire, water and air. The serpent represents the vibrating force. The human figure with a jackal’s head is the god Anubis, guide of the soul in its journey. The sphinx synthesizes male and female, human and animal.


It is the family name of the founders of the company, the personal guarantee of commitment to the service of your enterprise and your clients.